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UPDATE 7/31/2020


Our Summer Program is closed to new enrollment and we are looking ahead to the fall, trying to plan what is best. So many questions! What will the coming school year be like? When will the SAT be offered? What is the best timing for all of this prep work? We honestly dont know what to recommend.


ONE OPTION: Wait and See


It is completely reasonable, especially for rising juniors, to put this on hold for a while. When you know for sure that you can take the SAT, we will be here with a program to help you prepare. You can start in January to prepare for March. You can even wait until next summer to prepare for the August 2021 test date.


ANOTHER OPTION: Prepare now and take it when you can


This is reasonable too! We will start in mid-September and wrap up in time for the November 7 SAT, a test which may in fact be held as scheduled. This will also help you on the PSAT. (We have heard nothing about whether the PSAT will be held as usual this year.) And Keller & White has always offered continuing phone and email support to our students, even after a program is finished. And now Zoom support too! So preparing early is not really a bad thing!




The right plan varies from student to student. If you have questions or just want help thinking this through, please email us at or call us at 732 530 3471. If you do want to take the fall course, the information is posted below.



Thank you,

Phil and Carol







We are happy to announce on-line group SAT program, beginning September 20th, preparing students for the November 7th SAT and the fall PSAT.


Our program will provide live, synchronous instruction using a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom, with plenty of on-line support, including email, supplementary video, extra help and discussion boards. Each section will be limited to 12 students so that we can provide our customary level of individual attention and support.





The program will meet for 12 two-hour sessions, held on a variety of Sundays and Wednesdays (schedule posted below). Each session will include a 60-minute math lesson and a 60-minute verbal lesson, with a short break in between.





Sunday, 9/20


Wednesday, 9/23


Wednesday, 9/30


Sunday, 10/4


Wednesday, 10/7


Sunday, 10/11


Wednesday, 10/14


Sunday, 10/18


Wednesday, 10/21


Sunday, 10/25


Sunday, 11/1


Wednesday, 11/4


The sessions will all meet from 6:30 pm 8:30 pm.


Note: If this section fills, we will then open an additional section that will meet from 4:00 pm 6:00 pm on Sundays and 6:30 pm 8:30 pm on Thursdays. We will update this site if that session opens.




We are continuing our summer/on-line discount. So the tuition for the program is $1100 (reduced from our usual $1400).


We are also offering a $100 early-registration discount.

For registrations completed by August 31st, the tuition is $1000.


Also, you will need to purchase a copy of Mr. Ks SAT math book for the class. The book is available at Amazon, HERE. All other course material will be distributed on line through our Google Classroom.


Registration Information


To enroll, please visit our Registration Website.


You will be asked to fill out a google form and to choose your payment method.


Additional Notes


Phil and Carol have decades of experience teaching SATs. But like everyone else this spring, we are learning about the challenges of the virtual classroom. One thing has already been made clear: if we all go into this with serious intent and make use of the amazing resources we have available, we can absolutely succeed. And though we cannot predict the place or format of the November SAT, we will be monitoring for any developments and adjusting to meet the needs of our students.


As always, if you have any questions about our program, or really about the whole process, please call us at 732 530 3471 or email us at .


We hope to see you soon!


Phil and Carol








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